Getting Started using OpenCV in AutoFlight


To be able to use OpenCV from AutoScript, you will first have to install the image processing add-on. Get it here. Also, please make sure you are using at least AutoFlight version 0.2.


Extract the downloaded file into the Lib/site-packages/ folder in AutoFlight’s root directory, which usually will be in the AppData folder. (To find it, you can simply open Explorer and type %appdata%/AutoFlight/Lib/site-packages/.) Now you are ready to use OpenCV from the AutoScript environment. You can test this by importing the cv2 module and running the help function for it. To do this, open AutoScript and type:

import cv2

If the image processing add-on was correctly installed, running the script should output a long list with available classes, functions, etc. You are now ready to use OpenCV.